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Nimra Shah
August 23 2020
Great concept
Easy to use

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from our service would you recommend it?
Very likely

It's a simple way to keep safe

Roger Griffiths
August 19 2020
Roger Griffiths
Have been a member for 45 years. It provides me with comfort every day.

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from our service would you recommend it?
Very likely

Potentially life saving charity.

Pamela Varey
July 20 2020
Vast improvement
I am very pleased with the improvement in updating my medical record. Obviously with a little help from yourselves but I am now confident that I can keep this up to date in future in line with my doctor's records.

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from our service would you recommend it?
Fairly likely

Q: What can we do to improve?
The improvement in the online update has been impressive, especially since I last tried in June.

Doreen Stokes
July 02 2020
Wouldn't be without it
10 years ago I was resuscitated & since then I have worn a bracelet. It truly does give peace of mind should I be involved in a situation where I wouldn’t be able to tell of my serious allergy to suxamethonium!
Chris Morse
July 02 2020
Been a member for years. My bracelet is my voice if I am unable to explain my medical conditions & need help... A true lifesaver.
William Irvine
June 12 2020
Excellent service all round. So far not have needed it to be used but from the setting up of the information that I require to be on my info they have been superb. Excellent service and attitude.
Leah Williams
May 28 2020
Through a parents eyes
Signed up to MedicAlert a year ago in the safe knowledge that if my teenage daughter, who was newly diagnosed with several medical conditions, needed help that MedicAlert would not only help her as fast and efficient as they can, they would contact me as her parent. I felt confident in letting my child go out with friends, on their own or even on school trips that the information needed by medical assistants would be readily available rather than guessing her information or taking extra time with paperwork or not knowing at all. My child also felt more confident in leaving me & having freedom with the knowledge shes in safe hands with MedicAlert.
May 27 2020
Valuable Service
I greatly appreciate that you and your colleagues are continuing to work and to serve us during such a distressing time. Yours is a particularly valuable service which can slip from memory during our everyday lives, but suddenly becomes of vital importance within moments, in a crisis. I hope you all stay safe and well and get a well deserved holiday once things settle down Kind regards Peter
May 18 2020
Thank you
I would like to thank you and your staff for their help and assistance made on my behalf to make the changes and adjustments to the ID Bracelet which is exactly how you described and that I am very satisfied with the outcome. I also wish to congratulate MedicAertl o their outstanding services and support that your company provides for people like myself who rely on that bit extra support as my family live quite a distance away. And am very appreciative of the time spent on my issues also, would like to say that I am very supportive of your cause and appreciate your excellent 'Charitable Cause'.
Bianca Mitchell
May 18 2020
First class all the way!
I've been a member now for a year and cannot say enough about how much I appreciate the service. Ordering my jewellery and the accurate engraving and delivery of my items was wonderful, and updating my record as needed has been so easy - a huge relief as I get used to my 'new normal' of having multiple heart conditions. Knowing my record will be available to First Responders and any emergency care needed has helped me feel safe, fully confident to get back out there and live my best life.
Mrs H
May 11 2020
Praise due!
On Sunday the 3rd May, I realised that I had lost my Medic Alert bracelet. After searching the house, and even checking the route of our last walk, with no success I rang yourselves on Monday morning to order a new one. The young lady I spoke to was extremely helpful and when the order had been completed she advised me that it might take up to 10 days for my replacement bracelet to arrive but suggested that if I was out on my own I took my ‘Wallet’ card with me. My new bracelet has arrived this morning and so I wanted to thank all involved for such great service. We are all ready to complain when things go wrong but we often forget to give praise when it is due. Thank you once again
Shaun Stubbs
May 05 2020
i would recommend MedicAlert to any one with a hidden medical condition
Steven Atkin
April 27 2020
great product great service would recommend to others
M Briggs
April 22 2020
Thank You
Thank you to all at MedicAlert. I am currently wearing my dog tag alert rather than my bracelet (less easy to get contaminated when shopping). It has brought me great peace of mind when I am out and about for exercise or shopping, to know should anything happen my hospital will quickly know how to cope with me. Thank you!
Sheelagh Doran Doran
April 21 2020
Peace of Mind
when you have an invisible illness a medicalert bracelet takes away all the stress of being unable to tell people what is the matter with you. Highly recommend joining and it's also easy to manage your details online. Small price to pay annually for no anxiety and stress.
Lorraine Davies
April 20 2020
I feel safe wearing my ID bracelet I would not go out or even take it off in my own home.
I feel safe that if I did need it in an emergency my details are around my wrist
Mrs D
April 02 2020
Just wanted to say a Thank You for the Amazing Customer Service I received yesterday. I got into difficulty trying to order my new bracelet on line. I was almost on completion of my order then accidently lost the screen altogether. Then I called you, I was helped by Nigel, who took me through the whole process, with great patience and understanding. Working out the order of placing my medical details onto by bracelet took some time, plus the fact we got disconnected ( probably my fault). However he never gave up and rang me back. All now sorted and ordered. Thank you once again,. He should certainly get the award for Outstanding Customer Service.!!!!!!
Martyn Propert
April 01 2020
Serious Doncaster Hospital Failure to Give Medication Required
I was admitted to Doncaster Hospital 2017, kept in over night but pharmacy closed so they refused to give me medication required causing severe illness for 5 days due to failure of Hospital.
Hello Martyn, we're sorry to hear about your experiences. Whilst MedicAlert speaks for you if you cannot and provides access to your full medical record, it is down to the healthcare professionals caring for you to use this information to ensure appropriate treatment. Please do contact us on if you have details of the ward you were treated on and we will provide them with MedicAlert training materials.
Paul Rossiter
March 26 2020
As the review title clearly suggests. Its very reassuring to wear your ID every day in case of an unseen emergency. Medical attention can be received that much faster if your current conditions are clearly displayed giving vital information to paramedics and doctors who can act promptly.
Christopher Tucker
February 28 2020
Excellent Service - Medical Records Access
I have recently had to go back to the A&E department of my local hospital. Having MedicAlert not only saved time, but it also enabled the right teams to be there when I arrived. Fantastic - well worth the money!
John Wright
February 04 2020
Perfect Service
I rang to renew my Medic Alert today, and also to edit my address details. I spoke to a very helpful young lady (Madison Wright - no relation), who made the whole process a simple and pleasant one.
February 03 2020
Thank you so much for my jewellery which was engraved by Sophie it’s amazing, never go anywhere with out as it’s now attached to my Apple Watch strap. It was so easy to renew my subscription with u after being away for 2 years. Keep up the good work everyone xxx If I could give u more stars I definitely would.
Peter Huddart
January 21 2020
Peace of mind assured
Having worn my stainless steel bracelet for what seems ages, I have just taken the plunge and upgraded to the Classic Silver bracelet and disc. A lovely lady named Rebecca led me through the process, taking care that the bracelet and the details on the disc would be exactly what I required. Rebecca was very friendly and patiently answered all my questions, helping me also to put my membership renewal onto Direct Debit. One less worry for next year. The whole process from checking detail and updating my membership was a breeze. In summary, I am delighted with my service from Rebecca and MedicAlert. Peace of mind assured for another twelve months.
Susan J Parkes
December 10 2019
Best thing
Best thing on the market that will save your life 24/7. Thank you all for allowing me to go about my day to day life knowing that if I am taken ill you are there. I have both bracelet and neckless.
November 20 2019
Joining MedicAlert was the best decision!
My daughter wears a classic necklace. She never takes it off because it makes her feel safe. She is extremely vulnerable when she is unwell and I can't always be with her. MedicAlert gives her the confidence to get on with her life, knowing that in the event of an emergency first responders will know what her conditions are and be able to treat her swiftly and correctly.
MedicAlert Member
October 23 2019
Dear MedicAlert. To all for all of your kind help, I rang up about my bracelet being fixed as it was broken and spoke to a kind lady. She told me what to do with it and I received it back after being fixed at your jewellers. I would just like to say thank you to everyone I spoke to and thank you to the jeweller who has made it like brand new for me. I rely on it a lot and am pleased to have it back
Stuart Newell
October 16 2019
I have a bracelet and have is on display as much as I can. I have been pleased with all the items I have had over the years. I have Hydrocephalus and Shunt, stroke & Epilepsy so for me it's very important that as many people/ colleagues know what to do and can quickly access my information.
MedicAlert Member
October 10 2019
Love it
I work for the blood service and wear my medic alert on my lanyard..I have hydrocephalus and a shunt / epilepsy .... think they are great as I can't wear a band at work as need to have clean arms from elbow due to infection risk!! Love it!!
October 04 2019
Speedy !
Speedy helpful solutions. A brilliant organisation
Susan Parkes
October 03 2019
Best thing since sliced bread!
MedicAlert is the best thing on the market, that will save your life 24/7. Thank you for allowing me to go about my day-to-day life knowing that, if I am taken ill, you are there. I wear a MedicAlert bracelet and a necklace as well.
October 03 2019
Good System
Good system. Easy to use and install. Great customer service.
September 27 2019
Medical Bracelet
My Bracelet arrived today, so delighted I decided to buy a new one. Many thanks to Eddie & Amelia for your wonderful support . I wouldn't of managed without you. Have a great weekend
September 26 2019
Brilliant Support
Many thanks to Eddie for all your support for sorting out my Membership & new purchases. The work you do is brilliant. Have a great day
MedicAlert Member
September 20 2019
I have just received my bracelet and it is beautiful. Thank you
MedicAlert member
September 19 2019
MedicAlert go out of their way to make people feel comfortable. They are always very polite, they speak nicely, they inspire people by keeping calm and they deal with any questions member’s may have.
MArk Johnson
September 18 2019
I have found MedicAlert excellent value for money and I even got my dad to join. So far I have never had to use my wallet card or watch but knowing it is always there if I was ever to need it gives me a lot of reassurance and I think the membership price is well worth having to give me that peace of mind.
Martyn Propert
September 14 2019
Been Saved Many Times
Medic Alert is a fantastic service, just as long seen and read. I have Type 1 Diabetes and had 49 years now and Medic Alert has saved me many times. Just hospital that have been wrong not doing as Medic Alert says. A Medic Alert is a great thing to wear on wrist and helps Paramedic's, St. John Ambulance staff.
Mick Moor
September 14 2019
No longer a charity
Medic alert used to be fine. Register and buy a bracelet or necklace, and I knew should information be needed it was available on the telephone. Sadly, like a lot of charities, it has expanded its role and got greedy, so I no longer support it. Furthermore, they no longer seem to have the medical knowledge necessary to understand rare disorders.
Thank you for your feedback, Mick. I am really sorry you feel this way! MedicAlert has been supporting people in the UK for over 55 years now. We are actively improving our service and we aim to keep membership cost as low as we can. As the only medical ID provider to employ medical professionals, one of our priorities is the proper understanding of all medical conditions, including rare disorders. We would be happy to hear more about your concerns via to see if we can find a way to resolve your issues. Amelia, MedicAlert UK
Mel Elias
September 11 2019
"Every Single Time..." My Experiences
I have used Medic Alert for about 30 years.... Not once has it failed me - and every single time it has needed to be used it has been invaluable.... It has not failed me once Over the last few years I have had to change my details a great deal - and it has always happened within a couple of days.... So I have felt safe and happy; I know that the right information will go out..... That makes family, loved ones and the GP a lot more rested Each time I have needed to make changes it has been so swift; so it has been an enormous help... Thank You Medic Alert
Rosemary Kone
September 06 2019
Rosemary Kone
Medic Alert has proved itself an invaluable service in helping paramedics assess and understand my health issues when I've been unconscious, consequently saving my life having my Medic Alert information to hand during such medical emergencies. Additionally, I would like to compliment the phone operatives at Medic Alert who provide excellent customer services when I've needed to call them to update my circumstances, keep up the good works :)
Aron Williams
August 31 2019
Quality gone down hill
I love Medic Alert and have been wearing one for over 20 years now. Unfortunatly, i have found thet the build quality has gone down hill. having had a Bracelet for 15 years i brought a new one feeling it was time to have one without all the scratches on. When i got my new one i saw that it had a new type of clasp, one that is much easier to come undone. I have had to buy 5 new Bracelets in five years because the clasp dosen't stay locked and the Bracelet falls off. Why did you change from a clasp that was imposible to remove unless you did it yourself to one that opens when it gets caught on a thread from my jumper?
MEDICALERT REPONSE - Thank you for your feedback. I would love to discuss this further based on the medical ID jewellery you have purchased but I am unable to find an active membership number for this name. Please can you email with your membership number (starting in GB) or your direct contact details to discuss further? Kind Regards, MedicAlert
MedicAlert Member
August 12 2019
Wallet Card
While in Hospital I found the Wallet cards extremely useful as i could give it to all the doctors and nurses that were attending to me so they could quickly see all of my conditions and medications!
Mrs B.Batts
August 12 2019
Disappointed Mother
My daughter is currently flying to Greece without her medic bracelet due to it braking just 4 weeks after purchase I purchased it for her I was told it would be 2 weeks from return of it and that there would no moving it along even though it broke whilst just putting it on .Also phone calls are not returned till the following day.
Good Morning Mrs Batts, Please could you send us an email to with your daughters membership number (starting with GB) to allow us to investigate further? MedicAlert UK
August 10 2019
Help with my order...
Thank you very much, Madison, for your kind help with my order - I was having trouble with the technology and you just calmly and patiently took over and sorted it with me and for me. Kind regards, Linda
Robert Marsden
August 08 2019
Membership query
Thank you for your swift response. Best wishes, Robert
Susan McCabe
July 08 2019
Thank you for your help, Nigel. With best wishes
MedicAlert Member
July 02 2019
It give me peace of mind. Its stands out, when its needed.  I feel confident  to travel  around and be adventurous,  in the knowledge,  if something did happen, my bracelet  has the info needed to save my life.  
June 24 2019
I wanted say a big thankyou to Rebecca who sorted out my, problem on Friday in a caring and efficient fashion. I had lost my bracelet and was within a few days of flying to Vancouver. My replacement bracelet has been received. Thank you Rebecca
MedicAlert Member
June 18 2019
My membership (of around 30 years' standing) has just renewed, and this is the first time I've updated my own record via the website - this is so, so much more straightforward than crossing things out on - or adding things to - the print-out that generally arrives in the mail, and then posting it back, and then kicking myself for omitting or misspelling something! What a difference! Nice to hear that the new wallet card is a plastic one, and I'm looking forward to receiving it. Thanks, MedicAlert, for the decades of peace of mind and more of the same in the future!
MedicAlert Member
June 13 2019
The medic alert team is incredibly helpful on the odd occasion I’ve contacted you. Thank you for a wonderful service.
MedicAlert Member
May 30 2019
Overall not happy promised to sort out my order this morning still waiting it 16:57 
I'm sorry to hear that the experience hasn't been smooth for you. Please could you email your name or GB number to so we can help investigate these issues for you?
May 14 2019
The overall customer services and support is brilliant, as the teams are very competent.  I had a number of issues before and after the order was place and I was helped by an agent called Nigel who provided nothing less than a 5* service to get everything resolved, and update me.  I really appreciated his help and patience - a real credit to Medic Alert.
April 29 2019
MedicAlert is my lifeline in case of an emergency. My family has the peace of mind to know that if anything was to happen to me, I will be in good hands and they would find out immediately. I do enjoy life better knowing that I have this protection and reassurance. Thank you MedicAlert!
MedicAlert Member
April 18 2019
Have just come off the phone to a lovely, very helpful young lady who helped me through the process of becoming a Medic Alert member and ordering my bracelet. I found the website difficult to navigate and slow to respond. Keying in medical information was impossible as it wouldn't allow me to type anything in. Also, the payment page wouldn't allow me to pay!! However, with the help of my "Medic Alert friend" we managed it in the end! Thank you! I look forward to receiving my bracelet.
Thank you for your feedback. We're very sorry to hear that you experienced some issues with our website but we're glad to hear that our Member Support Team were able to get everything sorted for you over the phone. If you need anything else, please do give the team a call again! Welcome to MedicAlert!
MedicAlert Member
April 05 2019
Thankyou MedicAlert UK, my order arrived today with all vital information and what I love it does not look clinical but at the same time very informative and the symbol is known worldwide .So happy with my purchase and I now have some reassurance for myself if any situations arise to which I may need.
MedicAlert Member
April 01 2019
My bracelet just arrived in the post and I love it!The wallet card is very useful as well,so thank you for the gift! Feeling safer now to go out and about.
Lesley Gay Donnelly
March 13 2019
I love the format of the new wallet card... Being plastic is so much more durable than paper... Thank you all for looking after us in emergencies and it's great to be a Member. I am so proud of my Medic Alert Bracelet too! Wishing you all a good week/weekend ahead!
MedicAlert Member
February 28 2019
I have just ordered my first medic alert bracelet and I have to say I am very impressed with the service, I spoke with Chloe and found her so helpful and efficient an excellent service.
MedicAlert Member
February 28 2019
My new Heritage and Mesh bracelets and the card have arrived. It is all fine, so thank you very much MedicAlert and a special thanks to Nigel for his help in sorting things out - your patience is a credit to you! 
MedicAlert Member
February 26 2019
A big thank you to Zoe C. for all her help in sorting out my sign in problems. She was quick efficient and most importantly friendly and polite. I was able to update my details within minutes once my sign in was re-enabled; always a relief and reassuring that should contact by medical professionals be required that the information held is accurate, correct and up to date. Thanks again Zoe.
February 14 2019
Ordered bracelet for my son on 24/01/2019 still not received it,rang three times about this item and been told that it must be lost in system,rang again today and been told its lost in system yet again .my son has life threatening illness and desperately needs his medic alert as his broke, school threatening to send him home until he has one.not very good medic alert considering he has had them since birth ,he is 17 years old.we are paying for a membership and bracelet that we don't have .
We’re awfully sorry about your son’s bracelet and understand your frustrations and concerns. We got this order fast tracked and dispatched last week and one of our Membership Service Advisors would have called you. Once again, we’re sorry for your experience with us. We hope this is now resolved for you.
MedicAlert Member
February 14 2019
A big thank you to Maddy and her colleagues for their help and outstanding service once again. Maddy organised new bracelets for me when my medication changed. Thank you!
December 07 2018
MedicAlert UK is so important and saves so many lives, dad wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for his disc and the amazing medical staff, police, fire crews and the air ambulance. Our son is registered with you because he has multiple drug allergies and also has a disc.
August 30 2018
I have to give the gold bracelet a 5* rating as it is lovely and people compliment me on it. I am particularly happy now that there is the option of putting on a safety chain. When I ordered my previous gold bracelet I asked about a safety chain, because I had had a problem with the clasp unfastening, only to be told that you don't supply safety chains because the clasps are strong enough. The local jeweller wouldn't put one on because it was a MedicAlert bracelet! So I was horrified when I discovered, about a month ago that my expensive solid gold bracelet was no longer on my wrist. And that is why I have just spent another £300+ on a new bracelet - With a safety chain!!! Your comments are welcome!!
Thank you for your comment and I'm really sorry to hear you lost your 1st Gold bracelet. Our clasps are very strong, however we always welcome member's ideas, so it is likely due to your suggestion that we have since introduced the safety chain as an option to add onto their gold or silver bracelets, so thank you for providing us that useful feedback. As it was only a month or so ago, I can only hope that the person who found your 1st bracelet will eventually post it in to us! And if they do, we will be in contact to reunite you with it. If you have any questions, or have any other suggestions please feel free to drop us an email on
August 29 2018
Emailed with a couple of admin changes and it's done and acknowledged immediately. Fabulous service
August 28 2018
I love my new medic alert bracelet, however, I feel the membership should be optional not compulsory!!!!
Thank you for your comment Sarah, and I understand why you might feel like this. However, we feel that there is so much more to MedicAlert than just our jewellery. A disc's engraving can only give you so much information due to limited space, when there is always so much more to know about an individual, especially in an emergency situation when every moment matters. Each ID disc carries our emergency phoneline which enables paramedics or A&E staff to access further information. This extra info is often so crucial to an optimal recovery. It will also speeding up any contact with your next-of-kin so they are aware of what's happened, and where they need to go to be there for you. These are just some of the ways how your membership can support you, but we are more than happy to answer any further questions you might have. Feel free to reach us at
Wendy Jones
August 22 2018
I have worn a Medicalert bracelet for nearly my entire life - since I was diagnosed as severely penicillin allergic at the age of 3.  Over the years a couple of other conditions have been added, and when I moved from Canada to the UK, I became a member here with new bracelets and carried on.  I so appreciate the peace of mind that comes from having the ID on me at all times as well as the wallet card.  Over the years I've purchased a couple of different chains and discs as they started to create dressier styles.Most recently a link broke on my 16yo gold figaro chain.  For a nominal fee Medicalert repaired the chain and I had it back in less than a week!  At the same time I purchsed the new 'wheat chain' stainless steel bracelet as I prefer white metals, but cannot wear sterling silver as my skin badly tarnishes it.   I was so pleased to see a dressier chain on a stainless bracelet.
August 03 2018
Jewellery is very good quality, nice thick chain.  I often cannot wear silver, but this one seems to be fine!  Price seemed high, but as soon as I saw the thickness of the necklace, I know think the price was fair.  Small price to pay for such peace of mind
MedicAlert Member
July 20 2018
The Medic Alert Team are true professionals. From help with wording on the discs to problems with digital engraving, they have exceeded my expectations and removed any potential stressful issues. It's a huge relief to have their professional backup when one is already overwhelmed by health issues.
Daniel Dargue
July 16 2018
I had been struggling to get the correct wording for my allergies to put on jewellery and then decided to ask the MedicAlert team. I very quickly got a reply from Maddy which solved the problem immediately. Excellent service.
July 04 2018
I've worn a MedicAlert bracelet non-stop for over 14 years now and I've just decided to replace it as the metal is starting to get a little bit worn in places. One of the reasons for replacing it was the peace of mind it gives me and my family - it's kind of a back-up friend who is there should I need help. I chose the Byzantine bracelet and I'm delighted with it. Thank you everything you give me MedicAlert, above and beyond a piece of jewellery.
June 22 2018
I have peace of mind wearing my MedicAlert bracelet.  Staff very helpful and the nurse was very kind and helpful as well. Delivered by recorded delivery. A lovely piece of jewellery I am well pleased.
May 18 2018
Phoned the helpline this afternoon to change my details what a wonderful professional service this is. Was assisted by a very helpful young man who was efficient and knowledgeable even though my condition was very rare he coped with the complications. Then I was put through to a nurse who was extremely helpful and who sorted everything else out for me. So reassuring to have this service my experience reduced my anxiety levels no end. Thank you
Oliver from Twitter
May 18 2018
Got my @MedicAlertUK stuff through the other day. And the sports bracelet is the best I’ve had of any medical ID Also the engraving is actually readable, had some where it was hardly readable. Also like the card that comes with it with extra info.
Dave S
April 23 2018
My 4th. Bracelet. Does what it says on the can.
Gary J
April 23 2018
On 14th March I called Medic Alert as my bracelet which I hadn’t had very long seemed to have fallen into pieces. I was asked to return the bracelet which I did and was informed a replacement would be sent. As I had not received a replacement I called this week and spoke to Richard who informed me that my broken one had not been received and he responded with a resolution immediately confirming a replacement would be sent promptly. In an age where customer service seems to have been ignored in the scramble to make profit it was refreshing to deal with an organisation which clearly place customer service as a number one priority . Many thanks again for your assistance in ensuring my query was handled with such excellent professionalism.
April 20 2018
All Good. Arrived in excellent condition and super quick. All very reassuring.
Natalie West 
April 16 2018
I’ve had mine since the 1980s when it was begun by The Lions, a British Charity fund raising Association. It’s a great security asset, as I have several ‘Hidden Problems/ Disabilities’ it makes living a full life a lot easier. My uncle was a member of the Lions when I first became a member, which is how I first heard of you, and I well remember walking into my GPS surgery with a stack of Medic Alert leaflets, nearly 73 now and come through 4 heart operations. So much gratitude for your back up
Lesley Gay Donnelly
March 24 2018
I wish to thank you all for sending me such a beautiful Medic Alert bracelet (stainless steel mesh band); l am thrilled with it and wear it with pride. Thank you all!
Richard Alexandar 
March 14 2018
I've been a member for about eighteen years, and used my card on many trips to hospital. The only place where staff always refused to look at it was Calderdale Royal. Medic Alert was welcomed I every other hospital I have been to.
Mrs McAleese
March 13 2018
Following a visit to Belfast City Hospital, the Haematology Dept staff were delighted to see I was wearing my MedicAlert ID bracelet which they said was an invaluable way for them to check on vital information in a number of different scenarios, most usefully when patients can't speak for themselves. Good awareness out there amongst medical staff that this service can help to save lives and deliver the right treatment rapidly.
Peter Huddart
March 08 2018
I've always found MedicAlert to be very prompt in their deliveries and very efficient in their service. I would not be without my bracelet and the back up service they provide.
Blanche Stiff 
March 01 2018
I am very pleased with my new silver bracelet, it is unobtrusive and looks good. I was also very impressed with the help and advice received and speedy delivery.
Lesley Gay Donnelly
February 20 2018
I had an online chat with Chloe today, who was very helpful. She is sending me one of your packs with form and tape measure, as I have a problem measuring my wrist. I have been a member of Medic Alert South Africa for many years, but relocated last year... I look forward to being a new member soon! Thank you for the great service today.
Elizabeth Higman
February 19 2018
I have been looking at the silver clip on disc for a while, as I have a lovely silver bracelet from Tiffany, and thought it would make a nice addition. It looks great and It can also be used on a necklace. I feel very well protected now, and get to wear my bracelet a lot more which is a bonus. I expected it to take the ten days they quote, but it came after three, I was very impressed. Thank you.
MedicAlert Member
February 15 2018
I just wanted to pass on a huge thank you to the MedicAlert team for not only sending back my son's MedicAlert when he left it at Wendover Swimming Pool last month but also for providing a replacement to keep as a spare. How very thoughtful and kind of you all. It is hugely appreciated.
Garry Birmingham
February 15 2018
What a fantastic company MedicAlert is ! I’ve received my neck-chain ID on Tuesday and it is beautifully crafted. I now feel totally reassured that wherever I am the information needed is always with me. Also, the added bonus of the laminated card for my wallet.Many thanks again.
January 26 2018
Just bought silver disc for my bracelet very happy with it. I have had a gold one for years but sometimes I wear white gold or silver and decided I would like the silver one. I aso feel as I have to wear a bracelet I want a good one.
January 21 2018
I have been a member for many years. Decided finally to request a silver bracelet for Christmas which is lovely and well worth the extra money. Ordering was easy on-line and would recommend to anyone. Always feel safer wearing it. 
Jennie Taylor 
January 02 2018
I first became a member almost 50 years ago. The customer service I received during my recent order process was extremely good, Chloe was very kind, patient & understanding throughout. Very happy to have my new bracelet in good order & wearing it makes me feel safer for all eventualities. Thank you!
Marie Sainsbury
December 29 2017
I could not believe how quickly I received my silver bracelet after requesting it. Very comfortable to wear and also attractive. Friends have commented on how good it looks. Also great to know, should I have an accident or any other mishap, I am covered from receiving anaesthetic which could be extremely detrimental
Brian Williamson
December 26 2017
I am giving the bracelet 5 star with a but, customer service did thier best after returning bracelet twice wrong length sent both times too short , but now sorted so all well in the end .....
Hi Brian, Thank you for leaving us your kind review. We’re so sorry about our initial mistake, I want to assure you that this type of error is fortunately rare during production, and we’re really glad we were able to resolve it to your satisfaction. Best wishes, Alison | MedicAlert
Shirley Bellamy
December 18 2017
I bought this for my husband for christmas and am very pleased with it, I hope he is pleased.  Eccellent customer service...
Lesley Carter
December 08 2017
An exceptional customer service experience, Zoe could not have done more.  Any problems encountered is always dealt in a professional way, no questions unanswered and nothing too silly to ask!
December 07 2017
Thanks for your help once again Leia.  You have been very patient and very helpful. 
Nigel Tully
December 07 2017
I'm going through a complicated series of allergy tests, and every time one is complete my MedicAlert records have to be updated. This is taken care of every time with total professionalism,courtesy and warmth; I feel absolutely reassured that MedicAlert will always bu 100% up to date with my records. Thanks to Zoe for taking such good care of me.
December 06 2017
I was so thankful, today, to write a query to MedicAlert and to receive such a swift, personal and CARING response from Zoe. We live in a different world to the mainstream and finding folk who understand is not always easy. Big thanks! Heather
Sean Hamilton
November 15 2017
I've just received my Jewellery, my dog tag necklace today. I would like to say how impressed I am with the fast turnaround as well as how efficient the dog tag & the membership are. I love how unobtrusive and discreet it is but equally that it’s visible when it needs to be. The glint off of the tag when light hits it is actually pretty cool.
Claire Taylor
November 14 2017
Wonderful service form Chloe, quick and efficient. Great that a charity like this exists, really reassuring :-)
Janet Brett
November 12 2017
I absolutely love the look of my new Figaro silver bracelet, the engraving is spot on and it took no time at all for delivery after the order date. I would like to thank the staff at MA for their proffessionalism during the initial setup. This is a really worthwhile organisation that I could highly recomend.
Jennie Taylor 
November 10 2017
Thank you so much to Chloe, for the patience and help, and understanding. My bracelet was lost in the post, and she helped me a lot. I am now awaiting my new bracelet, and hope this time it arrives safely. Many thanks.
Julian Croucher
November 02 2017
Many thanks to the colleagues at MA particularly Chloe who dealt with my amendments to my medical condition and associated medication and to the prompt response when realised I had forgotten one item.Both myself and my son have been members for many years , so far we have not needed the service but it is a reassurance to know its there.
Moira Purtill 
October 27 2017
Thank you for returning my lost gold bracelet. I'm eternally grateful to the person who found it and returned it to you at Medical Alert.  I didn't know where I had lost it, so I was amazed when the lady from Medical Alert  phoned me to say that she was sending my bracelet back. She didn't have the name and address of the person who found it as I would have liked to thank them myself.  (There are still some good people in this world). Your system obviously works and that I thank you so much. Brilliant service.
Victoria Diamond
October 19 2017
Zoe was superb. Answered my myriad questions thoroughly and with patience. Really excellent service. Thanks very much.
October 13 2017
The live chat was really helpful and Rebecca answered all my questions and I even received an email afterwards with more questions answered. Brilliant service thank you
Katherine Ogden-Smith
September 26 2017
Thank you for sending out my dog tag and information, so quickly after I registered with you. I am very happy with the service you provided and will happily recommend you to anyone.
Philip Richard
August 22 2017
I called on Tuesday 22nd of August at 10.45 to change some details. I spoke with a man called Lee and he was very helpful and extremely polite. Often call centre operators do what you want as quick as possible to get you off the phone but he took his time and asked me about providing other information I hadn't thought of. Exellent service, Thankyou
Carol Easley
August 22 2017
I bought a Sterling Silver Classic Bracelet, it came within a few days of ordering, I love it, and already had a few comments saying it does'nt look like a medical bracelet, I can wear it with anything too. So glad I finally ordered one its given me peace of mind when I go out too as I am allergic to most antibiotics recently so desperately needed. Thank you
Yvonne Watmore
July 25 2017
Have had brilliant service.  Rebecca dealt with my initial request when I lost my original bracelet.  Within in 30 mins she had emailed me a copy of the original invoice plus a quote for a replacement.  I was able to forward this to my insurance company and my claim was settled within 24 hours.  Today I spoke to Leah as I am concerned my bracelet might be delivered while I am on holiday.  She also was very helpful, friendly and efficient.  I think the Medicalert team are superb.  Thank you so much
Jane Kierstenson
July 21 2017
I received a phone call to review details for my newly ordered bracelet. Many things I thought irrelevant were suggested necessary for inclusion. Thank goodness for the true professionalism of your very knowledgeable people. My Diosa bracelet with skye coloured stones is superb quality and looks amazing. The stones are far more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. The quality is far beyond what I expected and the lobster claw clasp seems very strong too. It also now gives me the confidence needed to go out alone, without my husband, who does remember all my health issues. Thank you Medicalert. A true lifesaver in more ways than you can ever realise.
Maria Marston
July 04 2017
Great service from the team at Medic Alert.  I recently ordered a Diosa bracelet as an addition to my stainless steel version and was very impressed that it arrived within a couple of days - it is lovely.  The call handler was very efficient when placing my order and ensured that I had the correct disc and bracelet size and that all my medical information would fit.  I have also received resources which I ordered and, once again, they arrived promptly and will be very useful in the workplace.  I have been a member now for a number of years and always feel reassured that I am wearing my bracelet and could be helped in an emergency. All the staff I have spoken to are helpful and efficient.  Keep up the good work.
Jennie Barton
July 03 2017
I have been a member for 66 years and during that time there have been two occasions when MedicAlert has been invaluable. The first was a dramatic miscarriage when I was just unable to tell the hospital anything. They saw my MedicAlert bracelet and took it away. When they came back they said the information MedicAlert had given them about my unusual blood group had saved them 2 hours of typing. The second time was when I had a Triple Bypass when they again contacted MedicAlert and were told of my unusual blood group. They were able to get a compatible blood ready in case they needed it and said they had again saved a lot of time typing my blood. Thank you MedicAlert!
Morti Andy
June 05 2017
Highly recommended. Great customer service. It great to know that when If I'm unable to speak to pass variable medical information to who needs it .. are able to access what they need to aid them in the events my medical emergency.

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