Goodwill Project

Made possible by MedicAlert members

Our Goodwill Project supports individuals living with medical conditions, where their financial situation may prevent them from accessing MedicAlert membership or from purchasing new medical ID jewellery. 
This scheme, and others like it, would not be possible without the kind donations of our members and supporters

"I suffer from epilepsy and COPD and without my MedicAlert bracelet, I don't think I would go out as much as I do with friends and family" - Patsy Pender

Help us to help others

The Goodwill Project supports vulnerable individuals experiencing financial difficulties. This includes families with multiple members requiring membership, elderly members struggling during retirement and children within low income families.

As little as £5 will help support people in need of our services, but if you’re able to give more then here are some suggestions:
£16 provides half price membership for one year
£20 funds a personalised item of medical ID jewellery
£32 enables one year’s membership for a person particularly in need


If you are a healthcare professional and believe your patient would benefit from our Goodwill Project, please recommend they reach out to us

Providing peace of mind


As a previous MedicAlert member, Rebecca was delighted to learn of our Goodwill Project when she received a new diagnosis



Yasmin's epileptic absence seizures can put her in danger, especially as she now spends less time with her parents.


Find out more

If you would like to apply for Goodwill Project support or have any other queries regarding this scheme, please send us a message!

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