Name: Yasmin

Conditions: Epilepsy 

Wears: Forget-Me-Not Bracelet

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Yasmin’s mum applied to receive a year’s free MedicAlert membership through our Goodwill Project, which is solely funded by the kind donations of our members. If you would like to find out more or donate to support those who need our service, please click below.


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"MedicAlert allows me to relax more about her being out and about with her friends and also at school. I would honestly recommend this for any child who needs it. "

"Yasmin was diagnosed with epileptic absence seizures back in 2013. Over the summer of that year I had noticed how she didn’t seem aware that she was doing things or of her surroundings. The first classic example was while we were out in our communal garden with neighbours one day. Yasmin came walking across the grass and despite plenty of us shouting at her to look where she was going, she just carried on walking and walked straight into someone. This then repeated at school, but she walked into a table.

It became clear that whilst Yasmin looked like she was just staring into space, clearly something more was wrong. She would loose her sense of hearing and sight while these seizures were happening. At the age of 8 Yasmin experienced her first Tonic Clonic Seizure. Whilst on a school trip she collapsed a couple of times in the space of a couple of minutes.

Yasmin has absolutely no warnings about her seizures. She doesn’t experience auras or get funny feelings, absolutely nothing. With the absence seizures she can carry on with what she is doing or perform a totally random action. As a parent this was always a worry because if she had one while out it could result in her stepping into the road in front of a car or walking into something. The Tonic Clonic seizures although few and far between cause her to throw her head back and to the side, cutting off her airway and she quickly collapses.

In the past I had purchased the rubber bracelets with her medical condition on them for her to wear but due to her age she would rebel and never wear it. As she was heading to secondary school which meant a coach ride between school and home every day I was becoming concerned about her safety and wellbeing. Also, with becoming a teenager she was wanting to go out with her friends, but I was living with the constant worry of something happening and no one knowing her condition or what was happening to her. I needed to source a bracelet that she would not be able to take off herself.

I was already aware of MedicAlert due to being a Type 1 diabetic myself and I have often seen leaflets in our local chemist advertising the products. After scouring through the products on the website I found the forget me not bracelet. This has a keyring fixture on it as the fastening and to date my daughter has not managed to remove it herself. This means I am able to relax more about her being out and about with her friends and also at school. I would honestly recommend this product for any child.

"Like any parent, my daughter’s safety has always and will always be my top priority. Thanks to MedicAlert, I have reassurance that should she be ill whilst not with me, the information needed is on her for anyone to find. "

Yasmin on her mobile

Yasmin with hot chocolate


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