Name: Jack Cooke

Condition(s): Severe allery to various anaesthetics

Wears: Classic Bracelet, Byzantine Bracelet 

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Jack discovered he has an anaphylactic allergy to the anaesthetic Mivacurium during an operation in 2003, which very nearly killed him. This year, Jack has taken on the challenge of running the Virgin Money London Marathon for MedicAlert. Read his story below.

In August 2003, I was undergoing a surgical operation in hospital when I reacted to the anaesthetic Mivacurium. My reaction was so bad that it very nearly killed me. I was later also diagnosed with allergies to Atracurium and Rocuronium; two anaesthetics that are widely used in hospitals.

This was a traumatic time in my life, not only for me but for my parents too. In the hope to put their minds at ease, I decided to join MedicAlert. We needed reassurance that in an emergency my details would be available and could be relayed to first responders without delay.

I chose MedicAlert for their professionalism, great products and friendly customer service. MedicAlert is my lifeline in the event of a tragedy and I live a much better life knowing that I have this protection and reassurance.

I applied to run the London Marathon to raise awareness and fundraise for MedicAlert and was honoured to be chosen to take part.

The London Marathon is one of the greatest, most rewarding challenges on the planet. My journey in the lead up to the day was not without a couple of glitches though, as I injured my knee during a training run and then got stung by a catfish whilst on holiday in Thailand!

Despite these setbacks, I was delighted to finish in 5 hours 14 minutes, surrounded by fellow runners and cheered on by thousands of spectators. Taking part in this prestigious race was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it was a privilege to do it for such a worthy cause.

MedicAlert has served me well over the years. Thanks to my annual membership I feel safer and more prepared to take on life! My family and I wouldn't be without the reassurance and peace of mind it provides and would encourage anyone in a similar situation to join.

Photo of Jack Cooke


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