Grandmother wearing a medical ID bracelet sitting in the park with her granddaughter

Launching the Carer ID bracelet

14 April 2023
Over 6.5 million people in the UK provide unpaid care for loved ones. Almost half of them are also living with a long-standing condition themselves. Caring for someone puts a strain on your own physical and mental wellbeing. 

Reducing the mental burden, freeing up some capacity for self-care, increasing quality time with loved ones and friends, or removing worry , can have a positive impact on the carer’s overall well-being. 

carer id with engraving
That is why The MedicAlert Foundation has launched the Carer ID

Carers can now wear their own Medical ID which says:

"I am the carer for a vulnerable person.

Please call for more details."

So, if you, the carer, are in an emergency, first responders will know there is someone else that also needs looking after. They can call MedicAlert to understand who the cared for person is and what their requirements are. It gives you peace of mind that your loved one will be cared for in an emergency, allowing you to focus on your own quality of life.

"The MedicAlert charity is delighted to support carers. They work so hard and it is great to be able to offer them some peace of mind. This aligns with our aim to provide MedicAlert members with the freedom to live life to the full."

- Kirsten Giles, CEO of MedicAlert UK.

In addition, MedicAlert enables documents to be stored, like an emergency care plan or a Herbert Protocol, ensuring that the most appropriate care is provided as soon as possible.

The MedicAlert Foundation UK has brought peace of mind to those living with health conditions for over 58 years, by providing medical ID services. This ensures that, should one of their members have any type of emergency, their vital medical details are available immediately, 24/7, worldwide, to support initial care decisions.  They know that families and carers are an integral part of assisting individuals to live well.

"It is important to remember that a diagnosis is not just for the individual, but for the whole family."

- Peter Berry, Living Well With Dementia.

We know that many MedicAlert members have carers, who worry about what might happen should they have an accident. This form can be stored on the members MedicAlert account and will help you to plan for the unexpected so the person you care for receives appropriate and continuous care. Find out more below.

Emergency Care Plan

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