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MedicAlert supports people living with dementia and other cognitive impairment-related conditions, to provide a quick and safe return home. People with forms of dementia can sometimes start to walk with purpose or wander. This might only be down the road for a short time, but sometimes people travel further afield and are reported missing. 

The Herbert Protocol

The Herbert Protocol is used by police and other first responders and emergency services nationally to narrow down the search for a missing individual, as well as to identify next-of-kin and other vital information when someone is found.

Completed by either yourself or a carer, it provides peace of mind to your loved ones as they do not need to remember vital details under stress when every minute counts. 

Unfortunately, paper copies of the Herbert Protocol can get lost or damaged and may not be somewhere easily accessible when it’s needed most. That's why we're enabling all members to store their Herbert Protocol digitally within their MedicAlert record. 

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One of the biggest fears for a caregiver, when caring for a person living with dementia is what happens if they get “lost”. MedicAlert’s Safe and Found uses the Herbert Protocol which is a tried and tested method of reuniting people living with dementia and their loved ones. It really can give you peace of mind! 

- Janis Cottee

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Inspector Neil Taylor - Safe and Found

"From time to time people living with dementia may become confused about their location and be reported missing. A completed Herbert Protocol, securely stored with MedicAlert, allows the emergency services to access pivotal information to focus their efforts in locating people living with dementia that happen to go missing."

Inspector Neil Taylor - West Yorkshire Police

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What to do next

You can store a Herbert Protocol on your MedicAlert record by completing the online form below.

Alternatively, you can download and complete the PDF form by clicking the button underneath the form. It can then be scanned and emailed to or posted to Suite 1, Liscombe South, Liscombe Park, Soulbury, LU7 0JL.

For those living with dementia, we are able to offer the first year of MedicAlert membership for free. This is kindly sponsored by The McLay Dementia Trust, with MedicAlert match funding the programme. 


What happens now?


If you are a member and know your member number, you will be able to enter it on the form. If you are not a member or do not know your membership number, you can still complete and submit the form.

Nurse checks

Once you have submitted the form, if there is missing information or you are not a member yet, one of our nurses will make contact with you to complete this.


You will need to upload a recent photograph, if you feel that more than one photo would be beneficial, please upload one and email the rest to

In an emergency

Your Herbert Protocol will be attached to your digital medical record, we will be able to send this information directly to the police in the event of an emergency.

Downloadable Resources

Safe & Found Overview


Safe & Found Leaflet


The McLay Dementia Trust Leaflet


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