Dog Tag (Stainless Steel)

A firm favourite, our dog tag is made of top quality stainless steel, and suitable for everyday wear.

  • A modern medical ID with an urban feel
  • Can be ordered with a longer chain length so you can easily pull the Dog Tag over your head, rather than using the fastener
  • Available in red or black enamel, or plain without enamel
  • Not recommended for young children due to risk of catching, around the neck, during play (11+)
  • Suitable for everyday wear
  • Chain length measurement is inclusive of the disc
  • Read the MEASUREMENT GUIDE below before choosing your chain length - link within Product Information section

Price: £26.95


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Product reviews

Sean Hamilton
November 15 2017
I've just received my Jewellery, my dog tag necklace today. I would like to say how impressed I am with the fast turnaround as well as how efficient the dog tag & the membership are. I love how unobtrusive and discreet it is but equally that it’s visible when it needs to be. The glint off of the tag when light hits it is actually pretty cool.
Katherine Ogden-Smith
September 26 2017
Will recommend you to anyone
Thank you for sending out my dog tag and information, so quickly after I registered with you. I am very happy with the service you provided and will happily recommend you to anyone.
Matt Davis
December 22 2014
Discrete, stylish
Just the fact that it's rotated 90 degrees helps mute the 'oh gosh, it's a medic alert tag' for most casual observers, whilst remaining a clear enough sign if you know what you're looking for. It's really helped me when I needed it, and this design hasn't caused any negative reactions from anyone (as I've been instructed to visibly wear a tag, not hide it under clothing)
April 10 2014
It's not bad, but the emblem enamel comes off
The styling of the tag is nice, unobtrusive and rugged; but the enamel colouring the emblem on the front side wore off after only a few months, a bit of a shame in an item designed for full time wear.
November 25 2013
Does what it needs to do!
I've worn a medic alert for over 4 years now, but about 3 years ago there was a change in policy at work that prevents any jewellery being worn except a wedding ring; I had to swap from a sports band & I chose to go to the dog tag. I just have the none precious metal version & it works really well for me. Discreet, comfy to wear. I do use a dog tag silencer on mine, which is a rubber device that slips over it, this make it less cold against the skin & no sharp edges to dig in either (buy them from ebay, very cheap). I don't think anyone has commented on it, my family know I wear medic alert, so do many people at work, but I am still quite happy with how discreet it is.
Clare Cahill
November 01 2013
Stylish and unobtrusive
I can wear it everyday without necessarily feeling that I am advertising my medical information as it is a contemporary style. Most people remark that it is very stylish.

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