Pet Tag

The Pet Tag is designed to be worn by assistance animals and pets as an additional pointer towards your MedicAlert ID jewellery, engraved with 'My owner wears a MedicAlert ID'. This means that when an assistance animal alerts someone that you are in need, they already know to look for more information when they reach you.

  • Standard engraved message: 'My owner wears a MedicAlert ID'.
  • Designed to be attached to a pet collar or harness.
  • Please note that the Stainless Steel disc may include traces of nickel.

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Price: £13.95


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Product reviews

Alison Skillin
August 11 2019
I feel so safe!
This is a fantastic item and gives me such peace of mind. I can go out with my dog and know that if an event happens and any Samaritans will know to come find me immediately.

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