Wallet Card

A plastic credit-card sized card that holds information from your MedicAlert record. On the front it will show your GB number; your name as well as your first contact number; your first emergency contact's name and number; your GP's name, the name of the surgery/clinic and its telephone number; and then your first hospital's name and telephone number. On the back it will list information in the following order: conditions & implants, history of, anaphylaxis, allergies, medication and miscellaneous. If your full record does not fit on the card, a note will indicate that further information can be obtained via our emergency number.

  • The first Wallet Card is free of charge for all members
  • Additional Wallet Cards are available to purchase

Price: £2.50


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Product reviews

Sarah Crompton
March 14 2020
Life savers
I have one of these cards and they are fantastic for when I go to any appointments or if I need to take a trip to A and E. I'm very forgetful and these cards have everything on with a clear format that I just hand to whoever deals with me and they are constantly asking where i got it from as it's easy and clear for them to understand. They are always saying that they would recommend medic alert as it's clear and precise. Thank you for helping me
Roshan Khednah
September 11 2019
Medic Alert
This is something well worth having with you all the time. I had the old one when i joined MedicAlert, the old wasn't to good, but i have just got the new,up to date one, and its a lot better.
MedicAlert Member
June 28 2019
While in Hospital I found the Wallet cards extremely useful as i could give it to all the doctors and nurses that were attending to me so they could quickly see all of my conditions and medications!
Lesley Gay Donnelly
March 13 2019
I love the format of the new wallet card... Being plastic is so much more durable than paper... Thank you all for looking after us in emergencies and it's great to be a Member. I am so proud of my Medic Alert Bracelet too! Wishing you all a good week/weekend ahead!

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