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MedicAlert - My Security Blanket

02 May 2023

Olivia Fulton, author of Anonymous Asthma, shares why she has chosen MedicAlert to be her security blanket when it comes to living with severe asthma. 

"When you live with a condition that can render you speechless, it is a huge fear that I won’t be able to tell anyone what is wrong with me if I need help. This is where my MedicAlert comes in.

MedicAlert has been a charity for a number of years. I remember when I was younger I would see a few friends who have diabetes wear one but never really understood the significance or the power that a MedicAlert bracelet holds. Unlike many medical alert bracelets which only hold the information that is engraved on them, a MedicAlert ID not only tells you what is written on it but you can get almost a full medical history as well.

Ever since my asthma became more severe, I have worn a MedicAlert. It is even more vital now with various allergies and spontaneous idiopathic urticaria and angioedema. I feel naked when I don’t have it on. There are very rare circumstances where I take it off, otherwise it is on 24/7, the main reason for taking it off tends to be when in hospital and they need access to my wrists for arterials stabs.

A MedicAlert bracelet has the universal medical symbol on it and, on the back, it has some details about you. Most of the information is obtained if you call the number that is also on the back of the bracelet and quote the letters and numbers that are also present. This unique code allows MedicAlert to tell the caller vital details they may need.

When I cant speak, my MedicAlert speaks for me. This is a vital part of my daily management of several chronic conditions.

To me, my MedicAlert is as important as medication. If I don’t take my medication, I can be in trouble but, equally, if I don’t have my MedicAlert on I could be in trouble if I get unwell and need help.

I chose to get a MedicAlert over other medical ID bracelets because of the extra support you get. If I was to put all my conditions, allergies and crucial treatments on a bracelet I would need to wear many bracelets, which is not feasible. Wearing one bracelet which has the key info on it and then further info saved on file means that no info is left out.

The nurses at MedicAlert help you with what should be engraved on the bracelet and what is needed within your saved file. This means nothing is left out. You don’t get that with other companies, you just get the bracelet (or necklace).

Thankfully I have not had to use the services of the charity as I have always been able to speak to some degree or I am admitted to my local hospital who have my care plan etc on file.

To anyone who wears a medical ID bracelet, I would suggest you asking yourself does your medical ID give you everything you need should you get unwell and are unable to speak for yourself? I know a MedicAlert bracelet is not for everyone and not everyone needs the extra level of security they give but, for me, it is the right choice and I feel safe when I am wearing it.

I have not been asked or paid to write this blog. It is my own experience of being with MedicAlert.

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