Peace of mind if you live with a medical condition.

In an emergency, receiving appropriate care for your medical needs can save your life. Making sure that those caring for you have access to your vital information means they can make the right decisions, without a delay.

MedicAlert's service is the most comprehensive and complete medical ID service in the UK, to protect you when you need it most.







We are the only ones who...

Female nurse icon

... have Registered Nurses

Our Registered Nurses check that your full record is medically sound, prioritising your vital details and spotting errors, as accuracy saves lives.


Illustration of MedicAlert Medical ID bracelet and necklace

... check your jewellery

We also check that your medical ID jewellery holds your most vital details, ensuring the information is not conflicting, to aid initial care decisions.


Illustration of laptop with a medical cross symbol coming out of the screen

... can send your documents

We can share your health management plans, pacemaker ID cards, DNR forms and much more with those caring for you in an emergency.


Illustration of two speech bubbles with saying 'hi' and 'hola'

... have a 24/7 emergency helpline

Our 24/7 emergency helpline is available from anywhere in the world in 100+ languages and dialects.


Advocacy icon: Illustration of family holding hands, father, mother and child

... additional support for carers

Carers can help manage a member's record and store their own emergency care plan. Carers IDs are also available for additional peace of mind.


Illustration of three people with their hands raised and with hearts on their hand. One of them is wearing a MedicAlert Medical ID bracelet

... support those in need

Our MedicAlert Protection Projects support those who will benefit from our service but are experiencing financial difficulties.


Illustration of a floating heart with the MedicAlert symbol inside above an open book

... have over 57 years experience

We have been active within the UK since 1964. In this time we have provided peace of mind to hundreds of thousands of members.

Illustration of hands holding a heart

... are a charity

We are the only charity provider of medical ID services in the UK. This means we do what is right, putting your safety first.

Illustration a star with the rod of cadeceus inside

... are NHS recommended

MedicAlert is recommended by multiple areas of the NHS. First responders are also trained to recognise the MedicAlert symbol.

"I have used MedicAlert for about 30 years. Not once has it failed me - every single time it has needed to be used it has been invaluable!" - Mel Elias













Additional Benefits

We know that life with a medical condition, allergy or disability can sometimes feel hard. That is why our service is designed to support you whilst keeping things simple!

Illustration of two MedicAlert wallet cards

Additional items

The more items that point towards your record, the safer you will be. All members receive a free Wallet Card and can also purchase other items.

Illustration of MedicAlert MedicalID bracelet with chain

In-House Production

Every piece of medical ID jewellery is handcrafted in-house by us, for you, with collections to cater to all tastes. This speeds the whole process up!

Illustration of someone holding a spanner

Jewellery Care

We know how important it is that your medical ID jewellery stays in top condition, which is why we offer alteration and repair services.

Illustration of mobile phone and a download app symbol on the screen

Virtual Wallet Card

Now you can have your wallet card on your phone, a new digital version! - available via Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Illustration of two arrows in alternating directions to showcase an exchange

Disc Exchange

Every piece of medical ID jewellery is handcrafted in-house by us, for you, with collections to cater to all tastes. This speeds the whole process up!

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Illustration of two people shaking hands

Friend Referrals

Keep friends safe by letting them know about MedicAlert. For every friend you refer, you receive £10 jewellery credit and your friend saves £10 too!

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Illustration of a shield with a check inside

Member Discounts

Living with a medical condition can make life more expensive. We’ve teamed up with other organisations to save you money where it counts.

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"My son's been a member since he was 9. He's now 32 and MedicAlert has certainly given us peace of mind that paramedics and medical staff can access his complex and hidden medical needs straight away and know what his allergies are." - Wendy








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