Your medical information. On you. Keeping you safe.

One of the biggest challenges of living with a genetic condition, rare condition or a SWAN (syndrome without a name) is that, often, your doctor may not have much knowledge of the condition1In an emergency, it is even more important that those caring for you understand your needs.

MedicAlert provides the reassurance that details about your hidden condition are available in an emergency, allowing you the peace of mind to live life to the full.

Ambulance icon

During an emergency...

your vital information is made available when it is needed most.

Wrist ID icon: Illustruation of a MedicAlert bracelet on a member's wrist

Your ID is the key...

providing your crucial medical details and pointing to your full record.

Nurse checked record icon: Illustration of computer and a nurse on the screen

Your full record...

is just a phone call away, 24/7, for those looking after you.

Accuracy saves lives icon: image of heart and dna

Accuracy saves lives...

you get the right treatment for your medical conditions, without delay.

"MedicAlert allows you to get on with life. If anything does go wrong, the bracelet is key to getting emergency help quickly." - Paul Kabrna

How membership can benefit you

MedicAlert membership has a host of benefits, all designed to help keep you safe in the case of an emergency.

Emergency Helpline

Always just a phone call away, our emergency line is available 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world, to ensure those first on scene have your information without a delay.

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Medical Expertise

Our team of in-house medical professionals are available to discuss your record. They review your medical information and prioritise your vital details to aid care in an emergency.

Document storage icon: Illustration of files organised in a folder

Document Storage

Securely store copies of all your critical medical files in one place. This may include health management plans, Advance Decisions, transplant information or hospital letters.

"I love the security that my MedicAlert ID gives me, especially if I have to travel alone, knowing that it can speak for me when I can't." - Louise Pritchard


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"MedicAlert helps improve care and treatment, saving lives in emergency situations.

Having rapid access to such vital medical information can be especially important when a patient has a rare condition, saving time and making sure that the most appropriate care and treatment is given."

Jayne Spink
CEO - Genetic Alliance UK

Save 10% on your first year of MedicAlert membership and a piece of medical ID jewellery...
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MedicAlert provides our members with peace of mind

Our member Isobel Davies smiling: MedicAlert for Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid

Isobel Davies

After Isobel temporarily lost the ability to speak due to Mucuous Membrane Pemphigold, she joined MedicAlert. Now, she knows her consultant will be contacted should it ever happen to her again.


Our member Annabelle Griffin smiling: MedicAlert for Vascular EDS

Annabelle Griffin

Annabelle's parents noticed how easily she would bruise from a young age, from simply being tickled or having her nappy changed. She has been a member since her diagnosis of vEDS.


What do you need to do to join?

Create account

This provides online access to view and change your record at any time.

Add medical info

Including allergies, conditions, medications, history, documents and contacts.

Choose a medical ID

Our collections include stainless steel, fabric, silicone, silver and gold.

Illustration of female nurse

We check your record

Our in-house medical professionals ensure your record is medically sound.

MedicAlert membership costs less than 10p a day, with a wide range of medical ID jewellery at affordable prices. 

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