Your medical information, on you, at all times

Medical IDs hold your most vital medical information, keeping you safe when you cannot speak for yourself in an emergency. They are most commonly bracelets or necklaces, worn on your pulse points for easy identification by first responders taking care of you. 

MedicAlert IDs have the internationally recognised symbol of healing to alert medics to its purpose. On the other side, your most vital conditions are engraved alongside your membership number and our 24/7 emergency helpline, so your full digital medical record can be accessed if needed.

MedicAlert ID with call outs showing internationally recognised symbol on the front, with 24/7 emergency helpline, most vital medical information and members unique number on the reverse.

Find out more about our membership

MedicAlert membership will help to keep you safe in emergency, providing those looking after you with access to your vital medical information. If you're not sure if MedicAlert is right for you or a loved one, why not check out one of the below for more information?

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