Right now we are in the midst of a most unprecedented, scary moment and we are, without doubt, looking into a future markedly different to our recent past. Like it or not, the events that have unfolded over the last several months have changed the world forever. Which is why we need to unapologetically acknowledge 2020 as the dawn of a New Normal.

Analysts tell us that:

  • By the end of the year, almost 10% of the population could be unemployed (1).
  • We’ve got 6 months to capitalise on saving the health of the world’s climate (2).
  • The occurrences of animal-to-human transmission of increasingly more devastating diseases will rise exponentially unless the stress we place on the natural world is dramatically reduced, and promptly (3).

But the New Normal is not all doom and gloom! It has already led to an abundance of exciting and positive changes:

  1. The work-from-home culture is booming in many industries where it is possible
  2. The UK achieved a record of 67 consecutive days without using fossil fuel since the Industrial Revolution (4)
  3. The importance of personal hygiene has never been so widely understood
  4. Community connections and relationships have strengthened
  5. The NHS has been appreciated and respected more than ever
  6. Support for the vulnerable has been a particular focus

Image of 2 equally full glasses

Despite the pain, the loss, the anger and the disruption experienced, we can choose to see a glass that’s half full, not half empty. We can choose to see the New Normal as the opportunity for betterment that it could be. And, despite the rate, and volume, of change taking place, there remain consistencies too.

Consistency Among the Change

In the face of all of the changes that have, and continue, to take place and the rebalancing we are all having to do, the service that MedicAlert provides, the passion we have in delivering it and our commitment to all of our members remains fervently unchanged.

That’s because we are still 100% focused on our members, on contributing to their safety and on helping to facilitate their freedom to live life on their terms. We work around the clock, day in and day out, to provide a life-saving support service to all those who need us.

Our service remains unchanged. We remain unchanged.
We’re stubborn like that.

Make MedicAlert part of your New Normal.
Make us part of your loved ones' New Normal.

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting people in many far more ways than just emotionally and physically. It has taken away the myriad of comfort blankets that many of us rely on - especially for those living with underlying medical conditions.

Do you want to be outside, making the most of your daily exercise, but social distancing still means being separated from the protection your friends and family provide? Do you feel vulnerable without those who know all about your medical condition(s) and would be able to explain it all to a medical professional should you have an emergency?

A MedicAlert membership is that comfort blanket.

By wearing a MedicAlert ID, you keep yourself safe. And that’s not all - you help others, including:

  • The NHS - by wearing a medical ID, the amount of time spent searching for your records across numerous central and local systems is drastically reduced, therefore lowering the risk of complications, avoiding potentially fatal care decisions and allowing medical professionals to help others sooner too.
  • The less fortunate - as a charity we are, by definition, here to give. Not take. The nominal annual membership fee is used to support our service and all of our members. Simply becoming a MedicAlert member helps to ensure our service remains active in supporting over 42,000 other people across the UK. You can even go one step further and contribute via our Goodwill Project, enabling life-saving membership to be provided to a person in need who is otherwise unable to afford it.

So, yes, right now the world seems like a scary place. For those of us living with a lifelong medical condition, it might feel scarier than ever.

It’s a New Normal for all of us, and right now we all need a little more peace of mind. A hand to hold when we need that extra support and confidence that we will be safe when we choose to venture outdoors. Confidence that we will be seen, and be heard, any time we need help.

At MedicAlert, we see you. We see all of you. We hear you too. We always have and, just like before, we’re here to help. Day and night.

If you, or a loved one, is living with a lifelong medical condition, become a MedicAlert member today, or contact the team directly to learn more about how we can help.

Place your hand in ours and let us put peace of mind in yours.

MedicAlert is a community of members, all of whom live with a wide range of health-related conditions ranging from heart conditions and epilepsy to rare conditions such as Diamond Blackfan Anaemia. We support all of our members, no matter what, through providing 24/7 emergency access to their medical records in emergencies, ensuring the most efficient, reliable and accessible route for medical professionals in times of need.


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