Name: Alice O'Brien

Condition(s): Lupus, ITP, Asthma

Wears: Sports Band (In green, blue & purple), Classic stainless steel bracelet

Fun fact: I'm also qualified to teach 'Crew Class' on the Concept II indoor rowing machine.

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I am a qualified rowing coach and I have been a fitness instructor, personal trainer and fitness class instructor for 20 years.

I first discovered my condition when I was pregnant with my first child; I was diagnosed with pregnancy induced thrombocytopenia. However, it soon became apparent that it was actually a pre-existing condition.

They informed me that, if I were involved in an accident, I might be in danger of bleeding out whilst appearing to not be badly hurt. This led me to search for a way to highlight my invisible disorder to emergency services; the Haematology department were very much in favour of me wearing my MedicAlert. 

I have been wearing a MedicAlert bracelet for 18 years. I like the fact that medics anywhere in the world can access information about me by telephone in case of an emergency, as well as the bracelet having the most vital information displayed straight away if I were unconscious. 

I have since had my Lupus diagnosis added to my bracelet, as Lupus can mimic other diseases so it's useful to have it highlighted early in my care. This was particularly a concern for me when I'm away from home, as accessing my medical history might take more time.

Once, I was admitted to hospital for a really bad headache, the worry was that is may actually be a cranial bleed.

"A couple of nurses commented that it was good to see me wearing my MedicAlert with the potentially life-threatening disorder I have. I also noticed they checked my notes more carefully and considered my treatment more thoroughly, so for me that was good payback in itself."

I try to be careful about 'over-doing' things, as tiredness is a huge problem for me. If I push myself too far, I just grind to a halt with extreme fatigue, swelling, pain in my joints and then there is the brain fog! But sleep is one of my best medicines, and I am a champion napper!

Photo of Alice O'brien


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