How do I join?

6 simple steps

Joining online is easy, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1

Create your unique and secure MedicAlert account - this is the first step to becoming a member and gaining peace of mind!

Step 2

Choose a medical ID to suit your taste, picking from collections including stainless steel, fabric, silicone, silver and gold.

Step 3

Add your medical details including conditions, allergies, medications, history, scanned documents, contact details and more.

Step 4

Pay for your first year's membership and medical ID jewellery. Your membership costs just £32 a year - less than 9p per day!

Step 5

A member of our in-house medical professional team will check your record to ensure it's prioritised and medically sound.

Step 6

You will receive your medical ID jewellery - our aim is that it should arrive with you within 10 days if you are within the UK.

It couldn't be simpler to become a member today, simply click below to start the process!

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MedicAlert membership costs less than 9p per day, providing you with life-saving support for only £32 per year. 

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