Your medical information. On you. Keeping you safe.

Ambulance icon

During an emergency...

your vital information is made available when it is needed most.

Wrist ID icon: Illustruation of a MedicAlert bracelet on a member's wrist

Your ID is the key...

providing your crucial medical details and pointing to your full record.

Nurse checked record icon: Illustration of computer and a nurse on the screen

Your full record...

is just a phone call away, 24/7, for those looking after you.

Accuracy saves lives icon: image of heart and dna

Accuracy saves lives...

you get the right treatment for your medical conditions, without delay.

Your full medical record


  • Your Digital Medical Record is easily accessible from your member dashboard, login any time, anywhere
  • You can update and manage your medical record at any time
  • Unlimited medical conditions, medications, implants and allergies can be listed in your record, as well as any medical documents
  • The advocacy function is available for parents or carers to access and update the records for members in their care
  • Android and iOS app provides access to a “Virtual Wallet Card”
  • Quick access to your full medical record and medical documents for emergency responders via our 24/7 emergency helpline

What happens in an emergency

Your full medical record holds all the details those caring for you may need to know about.


MedicAlert is the original and only charity provider of medical ID services in the UK.

The digital medical record is at the core of a MedicAlert membership, supported by the Medical ID jewellery members wear on their pulse points.

This provides medical professionals and paramedics with easy access to their medical information when assisting them in an emergency.

But how exactly does it all work?

When first responders arrive on the scene or begin the assessment of a patient who is unconscious or unable to respond coherently to questions, they are likely to check the patient's pulse via their neck or wrist.

Medical professionals will recognise the International MedicAlert symbol on their MedicAlert ID.

This will alert them to the most vital medical information, such as allergies and medical conditions, engraved on the back.

Our 24/7 emergency helpline and a unique membership number is also engraved.

This can be used this to access the full record from anywhere in the world, at any time, in over 100 languages and dialects.

Using the information on the ID and the full digital medical record that can be relayed over the phone or emailed to a recognised NHS email address, appropriate care decisions are made based on the patient's needs.

MedicAlert speaks on behalf of our members when they can't communicate, providing the vital information needed to get them the best possible care.

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