Name: Bex

Conditions: Bipolar Disorder

Wears: Athena Leather Bracelet

** MedicAlert membership benefits people with a wide variety of medical conditions. Mental health conditions, such as bipolar or dementia, can often inhibit a person’s ability to effectively communicate when they are in need of help. MedicAlert will always be there to speak for you. **


“Wearing my bracelet gives me and my family peace of mind that, should I go missing again, someone would realise I am unwell and treat me accordingly."

Bex has bipolar disorder, which means that she experiences manic high moods and depressive low moods. During these episodes she can become psychotic, where she has hallucinations (sees or hears things that are not real) and delusions (where she believes things that are not true).

On several occasions during these severe episodes, Bex has run away from home. This is scary for her family as she is not in touch with reality and is a danger to herself. Bex has often been picked up by the emergency services and it is reassurance to Bex’s family that, when this happens, the emergency services will be alerted, via Bex’s MedicAlert bracelet, to the fact that Bex’s bizarre behaviour is due to illness. This means that those caring for her are able to take her to a psychiatric hospital to get the help she needs.

Bex also takes several medications to manage her condition and it is a relief to Bex’s family that the doctors treating her will be able to start giving the correct medication immediately.

MedicAlert is a reassurance to Bex and her family as bipolar disorder is a hidden condition and, in times of crisis, Bex is unable to explain that she is unwell.

If you have a mental illness, such as bipolar or dementia, a MedicAlert membership can help keep you safe. If you are unsure whether we can help, please contact us so that we can discuss your needs with you.

Bex wears her MedicAlert bracelet


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