Name: Carolyn Smith

Condition(s): Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Wears: Sports Band (Black)

Fun fact: I'm an avid paddle-boarder

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"My MedicAlert Bracelet has given me freedom to go off on adventures on my own."

Carolyn's bracelet gives her the support she needs to go out and enjoy activities such as hiking in the hills for the day, or going on a long beach walk. 

She also finds that her membership, and the security that it brings, gives her the the confidence to try new sports, including her current favourite, paddle-boarding.

She explains that knowing she has a MedicAlert on her, means that in the case of an emergency 'I stand a better chance of surviving because medics can get hold of my condition details.'

Although Carolyn hasn't had cause to use her MedicAlert in an emergency, she still believes the bracelet and service to be invaluable. In her own words:

"I have my freedom back and worry less."

Photo of Carolyn Smith


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