Name: Charlotte Gee

Condition(s): Addison's disease

Wears: Sports' bands, Athena, Heritage, Byzantine, Classic Bracelet, Norfolk (no longer sold)

Fun Fact: Super tough athlete!

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Seven years ago, Charlotte was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease; an extremely rare condition where the adrenal glands fail to produce hormones that are vital to life.

Having always enjoyed endurance sports, this was a huge lifestyle change for Charlotte - a change that took some time to adjust to.

However, she was determined to return to sports, health and fitness. Over time, when Charlotte began to control her disease through the daily medication she will take for the rest of her life, things began to look up.

In no time at all, Charlotte’s training distances increased so that she was able to run for several hours or even ride for one hundred miles.

“I can honestly say, I wouldn’t have had the courage to do these things if I hadn’t been wearing my MedicAlert jewellery. I wear it all the time, I'm never without it”

Watch Charlotte's member interview below

Photo of Charlotte Gee


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