Fundraise for MedicAlert

Think of MedicAlert at your next fundraising event

From coffee mornings to marathons, we're truly grateful for the fundraising efforts of our supporters. 

Fundraising is not just about the money raised, it's also largely about the awareness raised from these events so no idea is ever too small.

If you have an idea for an event or fundraiser, please click on the button below to fill in our form, or feel free to contact marketing.

Whether it's a sprint or a marathon, running is one of the most popular fundraising ideas

Bake sale

Everyone likes cake! A quick and easy winner in the office, bake sales are risk-free

Selling your unwanted goods

We're all guilty of it, the clutter at the back of your wardrobe so why not combine two good deeds?

Offering services

From making everyone's tea for a week to exchanging skills for a donation. Everyone's a winner

The sky is the limit! Here are just some fundraising ideas to get you going.
Sacrifice something

Give something up for a month, whether it's lovely pub lunches or alcohol, challenge yourself

No idea is ever too small

A good idea becomes a great idea, when you let it out

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