Name: Imogen

Condition(s): Coeliac Disease

Wears: Kids Silicone Bracelet

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Imogen receives funded MedicAlert membership until her 10th Birthday, through the Early Start Programme. This is a Lions Club International project, with MedicAlert providing £1 for every £2 raised by Lions Clubs around the UK, to increase the number of children who can be supported. If you would like to find out more or to fill in an application form for your child, please click below.


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We spoke with Imogen's mum to find out more about Imogen and why she became a MedicAlert member:

How and when was she diagnosed?

Imogen was diagnosed with Coeliac disease in March 2022 when she was just 18 months old. Before her diagnosis, Imogen was always unsettled and constantly teary, tired, and clingy. It was heartbreaking to see her like this. We tried formula, but she wouldn't settle and would scream a lot. So, we decided to introduce solid foods at 3 to 4 months, thinking hunger might be the issue. While she became calmer initially, it didn't last long, and she remained unhappy. This was more noticeable as her twin brother, Ethan, was such a happy baby.

Just before her first birthday, Imogen fell very ill with sickness and had an extremely swollen tummy. We rushed her to the emergency room, where she underwent several tests and scans. Everything came back clear except for an inflamed liver. However, her swollen tummy persisted, and her behaviour changed drastically. She would scream uncontrollably, and we could see she was in a lot of pain. At this point, we suspected there was more to it, but we had never heard of Coeliac Disease and were unaware of its symptoms.

Our doctor sent us back to the emergency room, where more tests were conducted. The next morning, a consultant recommended a blood test for Coeliac Disease.

"I was looking for ways to help protect Immy when living with an autoimmune disease and giving me peace of mind that she was safe when she was not with me."

Have you had to make changes to everyday life since her diagnosis?

When Imogen was first diagnosed, I cried. I cried for the challenges that lay ahead, the unknown, the changes we would have to make, and the future Imogen would have to navigate with this condition. That day, I came home and cleared out every cupboard, disposing of any food items containing gluten. We were astonished by how many products contained it. We had to learn how to cook all over again, and now most of our family meals are gluten-free for safety reasons. We enjoy trying different recipes and have even taken up baking.

I conducted extensive research, joined various support groups, and found solace in the gluten-free community. Their tips, advice, and support have been invaluable.

"Her MedicAlert bracelet gives us confidence that others will know she has an autoimmune disease and works as a great talking opportunity to raise awareness of what she can and cannot have."

How did you hear about MedicAlert?

Around five months after Imogen's diagnosis, I discovered MedicAlert. I was looking for ways to help protect Imogen as she lived with an autoimmune disease. MedicAlert provided me with peace of mind, knowing that she would be safe at parties, nursery, or school. It also boosted her confidence, as she could proudly show her MedicAlert bracelet to others, explaining her condition. It became a great opportunity to raise awareness of what she can and cannot have.

Final words

I highly recommend that every parent get their child a MedicAlert bracelet. The peace of mind it provides helps children like Imogen feel more confident, physically active, and socially engaged. As parents, it also benefits us, to know that our little ones are safe and protected. MedicAlert has truly improved our lives, and we are grateful for the security it offers.

Watch Imogen's video below

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