Name: Jane Kennedy

Condition(s): Numerous including severe allergies

Wears: Classic Bracelet, Small Watch

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I'm allergic to thunder! Yes, you read that right...

MedicAlert member Jane tells us that, having suffered from various allergies, there was a period where her reactions were triggered so badly during thunderstorms that an EpiPen delivering a measured dose of medication had to be used to help her.

Having had investigations with an immunologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital where spores from the thunder were collected, several controlled tests confirmed that she was most certainly allergic to thunder and the spores that are carried in it.

Having also suffered a cardiac arrest during major surgery, when an opiate was administered, Jane turned to MedicAlert on the advice from a nurse. Considering other conditions and life-threatening allergies, Jane thought it was imperative to wear medical ID jewellery and says it's been a real lifesaver ever since.

Watch Jane's member interview below

Photo of Jane Kennedy


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