If you have suffered a stroke

Find out how MedicAlert can help you

If you have previously suffered from a stroke or are at risk of suffering a stroke, wearing medical ID is essential to decreasing your risks of complications. In an emergency such as a suspected stroke, every second truly counts.
It is imperative that you get the appropriate treatment quickly and accurately so that your condition does not worsen and your recovery is maximised.

During an emergency

MedicAlert supports you

By relaying information

To ensure fast accurate treatment

How does MedicAlert help?

MedicAlert supports you via our membership service and custom-made medical ID jewellery. Our jewellery enables emergency professionals to gain vital information from your secure emergency personal record.

MedicAlert membership costs only £32 per year; less than 10p per day, providing you with life-saving services and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

  • MedicAlert jewellery is always worn on your pulse points, and the front of each disc carries our international medical symbol; this ensures it's spotted promptly in an emergency
  • The back of the MedicAlert disc would be engraved with 'HISTORY OF STROKE', our emergency telephone number, any other conditions or information as well as your unique membership number used to identify your personal record
  • Your personal record is as unique as you, with the flexibility to hold a variety of information such as:
    • Health related conditions
    • Allergies
    • Medications
    • Scanned documents i.e. if you have an implant or pacemaker / ICD Advanced Decisions
    • Emergency contacts so your loved ones will be notified quickly

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Signs that you may be having a stroke

Identifying the symptoms of a stroke is imperative, with a sufferer's recovery hugely influenced by the speed of diagnosis and treatment.

Act F.A.S.T and call 999.

  • F ace - can you smile? Does one side of your face droop? 

  • rm - Can you lift both of your arms? Is one of your arms weak?

  • S peech - is your speech normal? Is it slurred or confused?

  • T ime - if you spot any of these signs then it is TIME to call 999

Other signs may include impaired vision or coordination as well as severe headaches.

Member stories | Ian Graham

Ian has been a MedicAlert member for over 30 years. He is a keen traveller and a retired nurse. Reada bout how MedicAlert has given him confidence in his day to day life.

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Bespoke engraving

Every MedicAlert disc is custom engraved with your conditions or medications, each as unique as the individual.

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Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

Becoming a MedicAlert member has many benefits, why not create a MyMedicAlert account today to discover what details we can store for you.

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