Name: Tilly-Rose

Age: 12

Condition: Type 1 Diabetes  

Wears: Activity Band


“MedicAlert gives us peace of mind and I recommend it 100%!"

We spoke with Tilly's mum, Samantha, to find out more about her:

I remember it like it was yesterday. Tilly was 4 years old. We had been going back and forth to doctors as she had been unwell and we’d been told it was a virus, until one day when Tilly became nearly unconscious with her blood glucose at very high levels. 3 hours later, I was already giving her the first of a long series of injections. 

This is how the roller coaster ride began for us.

When your child is diagnosed with a health condition like diabetes, the impact on the entire family is massive and you know it is going to affect your lives forever. But from the very first day, we tried to stay strong and we said to ourselves: “We will own it, we will not allow it to own our daughter.” We wanted to make sure she would have a fulfilling life, just like her peers.

The truth is it is a huge challenge, it takes hard work, determination and positivity.

Hard work sorting school care.

Hard work attending parties.

Hard work accepting that people who used to look after her did not feel safe looking after her anymore.

Hard work seeing her cry when she had to have the injections.

Hard work watching her have massive hypos and ending up in an ambulance.

Hard work seeing her completely non-responsive when her blood sugars dropped to 0.9!

Hard work worrying about her future, her teenage years, her moving away from home and all that comes with that…

I remember that when she was diagnosed, we received a MedicAlert leaflet at the hospital. We understood how important this was for her safety and our peace of mind, so we joined and Tilly wore her first MedicAlert bracelet when she was 4 years old. Growing up, when she was around 7, she did not want to wear her bracelet anymore, as she felt that people were looking at her with different eyes. 

She was already constantly wearing an insulin pump and CGM. 

When she saw the new sports bands, however, she loved them - they seem lighter and are more suitable for her age. So we got her one and she loves wearing it still! 

She plays football with Norwich City FC and England Centre of Excellence. Her local team played in the Nationals this year as league winners. During training, Tilly always wears her MedicAlert bracelet. This makes us feel quite reassured.

It’s that extra bit of security for her whilst walking to and from school without me, as she’s 12 now. She does not need mummy holding her hand all the time!

We like the fact that Tilly can have more freedom as she gets older because, if anything were to happen, people will be able to access her medical info on her bracelet and her full details are just a phone call away. 

That’s why MedicAlert’s service gives us peace of mind and we recommend it 100%! 

Both membership and medical ID jewellery are very accessible and are worth every penny. What we also appreciate is the charity’s support for those who need this protection but cannot afford it. 

“I am happy, as a mum, to see Tilly living life to the full and nothing stopping her. My daughter deserves to be happy and all those living with diabetes do!" Samantha 

Tilly Rose wears her MedicAlert bracelet playing football


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