Peter Berry is working alongside the MedicAlert team as our ambassador for dementia.

peter berry

Peter is passionate about the importance of MedicAlert which allows people living with dementia to maintain their independence and continue enjoying their hobbies with peace of mind. Peter was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 50, and he has since used his passion to raise awareness of the condition, particularly in younger people.

"I was still able to cycle on my own but gradually becoming aware that I didn't feel so secure and thinking to myself that I really needed to find a solution to this problem."

Excerpt from Living Well With Dementia: Slow Puncture written by Peter Berry & Deb Bunt

In his role as MedicAlert Ambassador, he is dedicated to showing that 'life isn't over with dementia, it's just a little different'. 

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"Having a diagnosis of dementia means that so many things are taken away from you. One of the things for me was the independence of cycling alone and doing stuff on my own, without my friends and family having to worry.

That problem has now been 'cured' with my MedicAlert ID and membership.”


living well with dementia: slow puncture book cover

This is an account of a year in the life of Peter Berry, an ordinary man living in a sleepy Suffolk village. Happily married and running a successful business, Peter's life changes when, at the age of fifty, he is given a terminal diagnosis of early-onset dementia. Since that day Peter has embarked on a series of challenges to show that life isn't over with dementia, it's just a little different. 

walk with me book cover

This is a compilation of the thoughts and poetry of Peter Berry, diagnosed with early onset dementia, aged 50.  Peter’s dementia impacts his short-term memory severely and this means that, as soon as the words leave his mouth, they are gone for him. Peter’s friend, Deb, has spent the last two years jotting his words down and now these are captured in this book.

Find out more about Peter and how he keeps his 'glass half full' personality while living with dementia


peter berry

Peter was diagnosed with young-onset dementia when he was only 50 years old. His friend and co-author, Deb Bunt, shares about Peter's diagnosis, his passion for cycling and how MedicAlert has helped him maintain his independence and confidence...

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