Tommy Dunne is working alongside the MedicAlert team as an ambassador for dementia.

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Tommy is passionate about the importance of MedicAlert which allows people living with dementia to maintain their independence and continue enjoying their hobbies with peace of mind. Tommy was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 58 and has since worked to raise awareness about young-onset dementia and Alzheimer's.

"Communication is a very important segment of every person’s life, we use it to actively participate in society."

In his role as MedicAlert Ambassador, he is dedicated to showing that 'It’s not the end of your life - it's the start of a new life'. 

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"An early diagnosis – and access to the right services and support – can help people take control of their condition, plan for the future."


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Between spending time with his wife, children and grandaughter, Tommy is also a golfer, plays guitar and writes for Dementia Diaries. You can keep up to date with Tommy's adventures while he works to raise awareness and bring acceptance to the dementia community.

Find out more about Tommy and how he stays physically and socially active while living with dementia


tommy dunne

Tommy was diagnosed with young-onset dementia in 2011, he shares his story about his diagnosis, living for the present and how MedicAlert has given him back his freedom…

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