Name: Andy Bustin

Conditions: Epilepsy, type 2 diabetes, heart condition, penicillin allergy

Wears: Classic Necklace 

Fun fact: Andy is a member of the Lions Club International

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Andy joined MedicAlert many years ago as he has epilepsy and is also allergic to penicillin.

He tells us that being a MedicAlert member has already saved his life. Having been rushed to hospital in an emergency, a doctor wanted to inject penicillin and, fortunately, his MedicAlert jewellery was spotted by a nurse who alerted the doctor, who then changed his treatment plan accordingly.

Since being diagnosed with diabetes and a heart condition as well, Andy believes it is more important than ever that he can get the right help as quickly as possible. For him, it has been reassuring to know that his vital medical details can be obtained easily via his MedicAlert jewellery that points to his full medical record that is always up-to-date.

Andy would recommend MedicAlert to anyone, it's provided his family with the peace of mind that, if rushed into hospital, details can be obtained straight away. 

"Alerting emergency services to what they are dealing with allows them to provide accurate treatment without hesitation – this is lifesaving support!" Andy says.

Watch Andy's member interview below

Photo of Andy Bustin

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