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Angela wears MedicAlert Byzantine Silver Bracelet


Name: Anne S.
Conditions: Alzheimer's, hypertension 
Wears: Byzantine Silver BraceletForget-Me-Not Bracelet

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"The reality is that Alzheimer’s is not just about forgetting things, it has been quite traumatic for us... my mum’s concern of risking to wander and never find her way back home, my constant worry about her having to deal with all these challenges by herself sometimes, it has all been exhausting."

Anne has always been very active. As a PE teacher, she knows all the benefits of sports and a healthy lifestyle. She also loves being involved in many community projects aimed to help others. Her daughter, Sarah, had a great example to follow, so she is a keen cyclist and loves hiking and travelling around the world. One of her ambitious goals was visiting 30 countries before turning 30. She did it! Proud mum, Anne, has been encouraging and supporting Sarah in all her endeavours.

A few years ago, life suddenly changed. Sarah noticed how her mum was becoming more forgetful every day and instead of her usual proactive way of getting involved in different projects, she was gradually distancing herself from her friends and colleagues. She started to spend every day at home, sleeping more than usual and avoiding contact even with her daughter. Sarah grew very concerned that Anne could be depressed. She constantly encouraged her mum to go out and about, but she simply could not find any activity that Anne would be willing to join. Eventually, Anne was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

“Changing medication various times, trying different approaches and plans, spending a long time between clinics and hospitals and seeing mum struggle every single day was challenging to say at least. We did manage to turn things around, little by little, day after day. The reality is that Alzheimer’s is not just about forgetting things or not recognising people sometimes, it has been quite traumatic for us as there have been many changes to everyday life that we were not expecting. My mum’s concern of risking to wander and never find her way back home, my constant worry about her having to deal with all these challenges by herself sometimes, as I could not be there for her every moment, it has all been exhausting.

A nurse has recommended MedicAlert one day and I will be forever thankful to her! I did a little research online, I found out more about medical IDs and how this kind of service works. I chose MedicAlert, as they provide the most comprehensive service, not only the jewellery. Plus… it’s a charity and they do everything for the right reasons. Another great advantage was that I could manage my mum’s subscription, keep her medical record up-to-date and make decisions on her behalf, as her nominated advocate. I had some doubts about the things to have engraved on mum’s bracelet and a MedicAlert Registered Nurse helped me with that, also checking the medical information I had added to her account.

I know I made the right decision, as my mum started feeling much more confident to get out of the house, without worrying about becoming confused and getting lost. She even joined a book club again and goes jogging with her friend every Sunday!

"The peace of mind we both gained is invaluable! I know she would be safe if anything were to happen, as MedicAlert will be with her when it matters most.”

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