Name: Bob Eager

Age: 67

Condition(s): Antibiotic allergy and hypertension 

Wears: Classic Stainless Steel Bracelet

Fun fact: I'm also qualified to teach 'Crew Class' on the Concept II indoor rowing machine.

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Bob was diagnosed in 2004 with an allergy to certain antibiotics and, around the same time, with hypertension. In 2010 he had his left eye removed due to cancer. However, Bob insists that there is nothing else wrong with him (well, not much)!

Bob started wearing his medical ID bracelet in 2007 when his youngest son, Henry, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, to encourage Henry to wear one of his own diabetes bracelets ("just like Dad has"). Now, both wear their MedicAlert bracelets at all times!

Henry says the bracelet makes him feel more confident and it gave him the confidence to go out and do "normal" things. For Bob, as a parent, their MedicAlert bracelets gives him reassurance, knowing that their conditions would be discovered quickly were they to have a problem.

For example, Henry went out one evening with his friends and forgot to inject his basal (once daily) dose of insulin. As a result, he later began to feel unwell, becoming unable to walk. His friends quickly called for an ambulance. When it arrived, Henry had high blood glucose and found it difficult to state how he was feeling.

Luckily, Henry was able to raise his arm in to the air to show the paramedic his Medic Alert bracelet! The paramedic quickly obtained his details, and treated him. "There is no doubt that the Medic Alert bracelet helped a lot."

Henry is still, 11 years later, more confident thanks to his bracelet and the peace of mind it gives Bob is immeasurable, meaning Henry can go out late at night without his parents worrying! of Bob with his son


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