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Bikers are vulnerable during an accident

It is important to not move a biker or remove their helmet until their condition is assessed. 

At this point, vital information about their medical condition can significantly impact initial care decisions.

Helmet Tag

As a safeguard for bikers, MedicAlert and Biker Down have released a helmet tag. These small plastic pouches attach to the side of a helmet and can be torn open, when needed, to release a piece of paper. The tag is clearly marked as holding medical information, helping first responders to ensure the injured biker is treated according to their needs.

These helmet tags aligns with MedicAlerts core service and medical ID jewellery, which supports people with medical conditions and allergies, speaking for them when they are unable to. 

Keeping bikers safe

During an emergency

When every moment matters, you may be unable to speak or recall your vital information in a stressful, unexpected situation.

Alert first responders

If your MedicAlert jewellery is hidden by heavy clothing, the helmet tags clearly alert emergency responders to your medical information.

Relay Information

Key information such as conditions are in the tag, whilst additional info can be accessed via our 24/7 emergency line.

Fast accurate treatment

Risks of errors and complications are heavily reduced, ultimately helping you to get back on your bike and back to normality.

How to get your helmet tag

Joining Members

We are making helmet tags available to those joining MedicAlert, in addition to a £5 discount on membership. Enter code BD5 at checkout to take advantage of this offer!

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Existing Members

If you already are a MedicAlert member who wishes to have an additional safeguard while out on their motorbike, we are offering helmet tags within the MedicAlert shop.

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For riders who believe their needs to be so simple that they do not require the services of MedicAlert, the helmet tags are available without membership. Simply click below and follow the instruction.

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Find out more about MedicAlert

See how the full medical ID service can provide you and your family with peace of mind, both on the road and in every step of your life.


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