Name: Linda Alcock

Conditions: Tubulointerstitial nephritis and uveitis (TINU), VP shunt, undifferentiated connective tissue disease (UCTD), Chiari 1, CKD, allergic to penicillin

Wears: Flex Silicone Band, Byzantine Silver Bracelet, Endurance Bracelet


I feel so reassured to be a member of the charity, as I know a comprehensive medical record with all my vital details is immediately available anytime I might need it.”

Linda has been a MedicAlert member for many years. She has shared her amazing experience with us, explaining how MedicAlert has been a lifesaver in her hour of need:

MedicAlert helped me when I had an accident, three weeks ago; the first aiders and paramedics found the information very useful and were able to email all the medical details on my MedicAlert bracelet and card to A&E, so they knew what to expect when I arrived with the ambulance.

I have a number of rare conditions including Chiari Malformation, Hydrocephalus with a VP shunt and a very rare kidney and eye syndrome called TINU.  

While I was out walking by the Lake at Trentham Gardens with a friend, I lost my balance and fell on a gritty path. I fell and directly hit my head on the ground with a crack among other things. I had cut my forehead on the same side as my shunt and it was pouring with blood. I was shocked and distressed because head injury is a serious matter for me.  

My friend and other visitors came to my rescue. As always, I was wearing my MedicAlert bracelet and had my MedicAlert Wallet Card in my purse. Because I was lying face down on the ground, I asked my friend to get the card out of my purse, as it contained all my detailed medical information, which proved to be of vital importance.

The park first aiders and wardens arrived, looked at my card and called the paramedics.  When they came, they used my card to pass on my medical information to A&E. Once in the ambulance, they sent all my many details to A&E via their iPads, alerting them about my brain conditions and the facts about my shunt. This was really helpful because, by the time I arrived, they already knew that I needed a CT scan to check my shunt! The A&E doctor looked at the details the paramedics had sent through and noticed that my allergy to penicillin wasn’t on my hospital notes. It saved the day again!

I’ve been a MedicAlert member for quite a few years now. When I was seriously ill and barely conscious, my daughter used my ID bracelet to inform the district nurse and paramedics of all my medical details. I feel so reassured to be a member of the charity, as I know a comprehensive medical record with all my vital details is immediately available anytime I might need it. My family and friends find it difficult to remember my multiple conditions and life-threatening allergies, so having them all listed on the bracelet, on the card and on the full record has proved to be life-saving. I’m so pleased I made the decision to join as I used to keep quizzing everyone about them and worrying that they couldn’t remember it all. 

As we all love good news, I just received some when I saw my kidney consultant last week: she was thrilled about my kidney function which has improved a lot. That made me happy and I want to share it with all of you who are dealing with everyday challenges of invisible medical conditions!

My membership gives me peace of mind. I’m so grateful for all the help over the years from the staff who have advised me about the way my details are recorded. They have always been wonderful. 


Linda Alcock after brain injury

Linda Alcock hiking Dunkery Beacon


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