Name: Mandy Elder

Condition(s): Chronic neuropathic nerve damage 

Wears: Millefiori Beaded Bracelet, Classic Stainless Steel Bracelet, Helmet Tag 

Fun fact: 5ft tall, but can drive a lorry!

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"I became a member so I can keep my love of horses."

Mandy lives with a rare condition called chronic neuropathic nerve damage. Whilst searching the internet, she came across MedicAlert and decided to join as she understood that we offer much more than just medical ID jewellery!

The service and support provided with membership gives Mandy the reassurance to enjoy her hobbies, to stay active and to join in. In other words, it gives her the confidence to live her life to the full!

“I have a nerve condition which means if I am operated, on my nervous system goes into shock. With a new treatment, I am able to do everything I love; riding one or two horses, driving my horses, or competing up and down the country with other horse drivers.

I joined MedicAlert so I did not need to explain my condition to everyone. I keep the system updated with my treatments and the doctors who specialise in my condition.

I came across MedicAlert by doing a search online. I liked that it was more than just a tag. Anyone from anywhere could get hold of detailed information about my condition should they need to. I became a member so I can keep my love of horses."

“I feel that MedicAlert gives me the confidence to travel and do what I love. Well worth joining.”


Mandy 2


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