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Maya lives with type 1 diabetes

Maya is a type 1 warrior


Name: Maya
Conditions: T1 diabetes, Coeliac disease, allergic to peanuts
Wears: Children’s Classic Silver Bracelet, Wheat Bracelet


“The MedicAlert bracelet that she wears reassures us that she will have a voice and it gives us comfort."

Little Maya was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was just over a year old. She has been a MedicAlert member since 2013 and her membership is sponsored by the Early Start Programme until her 10th birthday. 

Joyce, Maya’s mum, explains how MedicAlert has helped their family, giving them reassurance and peace of mind: 

“As with all toddlers, we feared that Maya may wander off and become separated from us and have a medical emergency. Being so young and unable to talk, we knew that the MedicAlert bracelet was just what we needed. We received the bracelet and Maya’s membership free of charge, as part of the Early Start Programme. Many years on, Maya talks nonstop, but the worry of her blood sugar going dangerously low and no one knowing what is wrong with her still remains. The MedicAlert bracelet that she wears reassures us that she will have a voice and it gives us comfort.”

The Early Start Programme provides a piece of MedicAlert jewellery for free and funds membership for children until their 10th birthday, if their family is financially unable to access our services. Thanks to donations from Lions Clubs across the UK, hundreds of children and their families have benefitted from this scheme. To help fund vital places, The MedicAlert Foundation is providing £1 for every £2 donation received from a Lions Club.

As a non-profit charity, MedicAlert ensures that all donations are spent on supporting charitable aims, including membership for children and vulnerable people, as well as educational resources for medical professionals.

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If you believe that your story can help others to understand the benefits of MedicAlert, please let us know.


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