Prestige Leather Bracelet

The leather Prestige bracelet features a large shield style disc for all your medical information and the chunky, robust design makes it ideal for daily wear.

  • Shield style stainless steel disc
  • Large shield disc (2.5 x 4.5cm)
  • 20mm genuine leather strap
  • This is not a standard clasp and may not be suitable for some people - please refer to the video
  • Adjustable strap between 16cm to 20cm - please see 'Product Information' below for how to adjust
  • Not suitable for bathing, swimming or sports
  • Read the MEASUREMENT GUIDE below before choosing your jewellery - link within Product Information section

Price: £39.95


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Product reviews

Kees Spitters
January 02 2020
Room for improvement
I think that letter size should be much bigger so people can more easily read text and, importantly, telephone n umber and ID number. There is plenty of space on the disk. On mine, the pin holding the clasp that holds the strap comes out on a regular basis. QC issue?
MedicAlert: MedicAlert response - Hello Kees, Thank you for your feedback. Whilst our font size has been increased to its current size, we do understand that this particular disc is larger than most of our options so we will be investigating whether the space can be better used whilst leaving enough lines of text available for those with multiple conditions. Regarding the pin/clasp issue you describe, this is not something we often come across and may indicate a faulty component, something we would be happy to try and resolve for you. We will contact you directly to discuss this further.
Paul Timmins
September 13 2016
Black Leather
I've given this a 4-star as it took me a while to understand how it fits me. I'd rather have had a simple full-leather watch strap type bracelet type thing rather than it mixed with stainless steel clasps etc.... if i found it difficult to understand, how would pensioners g on? Sorry.....
Andrew Souter
September 22 2015
Very nice
I have worn one of these bracelets for a month and am very happy. Well made, easy to undo and adjust size. I wear mine tight and have had no problems with sore wrists.
September 18 2015
Not Good
The strap when done up and holders still hangs down. Also have found the strap when worn tight like I like makes wrist sore. If worn loser still same problem have found get sore wrist from strap. Beware of this problem that this strap can cause if worn all time and especially when in hot weather. This is on the wrist bone as like to wear lose.
Cameron Bowes
June 20 2015
I received my MedicAlert bracelet today and even the box looked amazing and the bracelet also looks amazing, the best MedicAlert bracelet I have bought so far!
Alun Hoskins
May 19 2015
Nice...but much
Arrived today, quickly and safely. Well packaged and information correct. Seems to be nicely made too. My only 'criticism' would be that the metal is very highly polished and shiny. The bracelets in the illustrations on the web page show a matt steel finish....which is what I was after. This finish is similar to the bright, sterling silver discs, which is what I was trying to get away from. Having said all that....It's a nice piece to wear on your wrist, masculine in style and with a great strap/clasp which is easy to adjust, the locking mechanism being similar to that found on expensive wrist watches. Overall.....very nice.

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