Tell others about MedicAlert

Helping us raise awareness in your local community

Helping to raise awareness is an important task that we need your help with.

There are a variety of ways to help spread awareness and we are grateful for any time you can spare to support our cause.

To help you to help us, we have created a number of resources you can order for free. These are designed to inform readers of what we do, how MedicAlert works and how they can find out more.

Here are just some ideas of how you could promote MedicAlert:

Tell your friends and family

Tell anyone who will listen! If you're a member, use your jewellery to show how it works

Your local health care clinic

Ask your local GP or clinic whether they're happy to have our leaflets on display

Got a staff room?

Leave some leaflets in your staffroom, put a poster up or just talk to your colleagues

Got any hobbies?

Maybe you're part of a local fitness network or have joined a book or knitting group. These are perfect opportunities to talk about MedicAlert and how it's helped support you or your loved ones

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