Helping to raise awareness will help us keep more people safe

Our aim is to keep people with medical conditions safe and we know that there are many vulnerable people who could benefit from the charity's life-saving service but still don't know it. We need your help to spread the word within your local community.


Some ideas of how you could help others learn about MedicAlert:

Tell your friends and family

If a loved one lives with a medical condition, explain how MedicAlert keeps them safe. Showing them your MedicAlert ID jewellery will help them see how it works.

Got any hobbies?

Maybe you're part of a fitness network or have joined a book or knitting group. These are perfect opportunities to talk about MedicAlert and how it's helped support you or your loved ones.

Got a staff room?

Leave some leaflets in your staffroom, put up a poster or talk to your colleagues about MedicAlert. This will also help keep other employees who wear a medical ID safe in an emergency!

Your local health care clinic

Ask your local GP or clinic whether they're happy to have our leaflets on display for their patients - this will also remind them to recommend MedicAlert to those who need us most!

Order free resources

Our resources are designed to explain our service to potential members and to those who may be caring for them in an emergency. We also provide samples of our Stainless Steel Classic Bracelet.

Simply select the resources you would like to order and fill in your details at the bottom of the page. Your order is completely free of charge and should be with you within 14 working days.

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