Who needs MedicAlert?

The truth - who needs MedicAlert, and who do we best support?

Anyone could benefit from using MedicAlert

From individuals with complicated health conditions, to dedicated organ donors and commuters who simply want their next-of-kin immediately notified in an emergency; MedicAlert members come from all walks of life. 

We can engrave your individual needs on your medical ID jewellery, and store your custom information in your secure and personal record. 

Case studies

Below are just some of the health conditions that we have chosen to expand on, highlighting the benefits of MedicAlert for that exact condition. If you want your condition or set of circumstances included, please get in touch.

How much does membership cost?

MedicAlert membership is £32 per year; this gives you 24/7 emergency support for less than 10p per day. Your only additional cost will be your choice of Medical ID jewellery. Prices start at £9.95, with styles to suit a variety of activities and occasions.