Heritage Bracelet

The robust Heritage Bracelet offers style and peace of mind. Designed and made in the UK, the Heritage is available in a wide variety of colours.

  • Suitable for those sensitive to metals, as the disc is not in direct contact with your skin.
  • Engraved with your unique membership number and our 24/7 emergency helpline, allowing access to your full record in an emergency.
  • Large Stainless Steel shield disc (2.5 x 4.5cm).
  • Adjustable strap fits wrist sizes: 15.5 - 23.5cm.
  • Strap length is inclusive of disc.
  • Please see video linked in product information section below for how the strap works in detail.
  • Please click the 'sizing guide' link below for guidance on choosing the right product and size for you
  • ** Additional straps available for you to mix and match with your ID. **

See our sizing guide

Price: £26.95


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Product reviews

Susan Dunn-Curtis
January 11 2023
Great lifesaving item.
This is a great piece of kit, clear and concise engraving, and I’m glad I ordered it for peace of mind. Unfortunately, and my own fault, I didn’t take into account the actual size of the item, even though the sizes are clearly stated. Consequently the disc is large on my small wrist. I might change it in the future, something for me to think about.
Kevin McGlinchey
November 26 2022
Always covered.
Needed to update my records with Medic Alert, and get new bracelet. Had a look at ones in my price range, and successfully found the Heritage bracelet, yellow and black stripes. It looked better than my previous one which was out of date, as I didn't renew it, until now. Updated my records and ordered the New Heritage bracelet yellow & black stripe. Arrived in good time and in a small jewellery bag, which I thought an excellent idea. My new bracelet is fantastic and I'm very pleased to be able to wear it & know that I'm covered. Highly recommend the jewellery & organisation.
Trisha Bowler
October 06 2022
New bracelet
I'm very satisfied with my bracelet, I like the fact that it is easily adjustable and that the metal information disc is interchangeable with other colours of straps.
Barrie Wheatley
June 10 2021

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from this product, would you recommend it?
Very likely

Q: Why would you recommend this product?

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from our service, would you recommend MedicAlert?
Very likely

Q: Why would you recommend our service?

Mrs Christine Johnstone
March 07 2018
Only ordered on the 5th of March and received my new bracelet within a couple of days. It's really lovely and fits perfectly.
David Lrd
February 06 2017
Very good product
It looks very comfortable to wear
January 12 2017
Overall good
My new bracelet arrived today and I love the look of it. It feels very comfy and secure. Not sure what's going on with the extra strap bit in the middle. I would prefer it if access could be gained to the medical details without the bracelet needing to be removed
April 15 2015
Smart and comfy. Love it! =)
Very happy with my new bracelet. It's very good looking and comfortable. At first It felt a little large for me, but I have very scrawny wrists and soon got used to it.

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